Lawn Mowing in Ballarat & Western Melbourne

We specialise in Acreage mowing, Slashing, Gorse and Blackberry mulching, mini excavator hire

Regional Mowing & Equipment Hire

Welcome to Regional Mowing & Equipment Hire, your local experts for all your lawn care needs. Based in the heart of Ballarat, we take pride in offering reliable, no-nonsense lawn mowing and equipment hire services.

We are the ones you call when you want the job done right. We serve the beautiful regions of Ballarat and Western Melbourne, covering areas such as Bacchus Marsh, Gordon, Ballan, Buninyong, and Creswick.

Whether it’s acreage mowing, slashing, gorse and blackberry mulching, or boundary spraying, you can trust us to handle your property with care and precision.

About Us

At Regional Mowing & Equipment Hire, our story is simple, just like our approach. We’re a Ballarat-based team of professionals who believe in getting the job done right. Our philosophy revolves around maintaining your outdoor space without the fuss.

We specialise in acreage mowing, ensuring that large properties are kept tidy and accessible. Our slashing service keeps overgrown areas in check, while gorse and blackberry mulching provides effective weed control.

To protect your property boundaries, we offer expert boundary spraying. We’re the folks you can trust to keep your outdoor spaces looking great.

Our Services

From expert acreage mowing and efficient slashing to effective gorse and blackberry mulching and precise boundary spraying, we’ve got your outdoor maintenance needs covered. Trust us to keep your property looking its best.

Acreage Mowing

Acreage Mowing

Acreage mowing is our forte, and we're equipped to handle large properties with precision. We use specialized equipment to maintain extensive lawns, ensuring they look neat and well-kept. Trust us to keep your sprawling landscapes in top shape.



When it comes to overgrown areas, slashing is the solution. Our slashing service is ideal for tackling tall grass, weeds, and scrub on your property. We use powerful machinery to clear and maintain these areas, preventing fire hazards and enhancing the aesthetic of your land.

Gorse and Blackberry Mulching

Gorse and Blackberry Mulching

We're experts in gorse and blackberry mulching, providing a sustainable and efficient solution for weed control. Our machinery effectively mulches these invasive plants, promoting land health and preventing regrowth.

Boundary Spraying and Weed Control

Boundary Spraying and Weed Control

To protect your property's boundaries, we offer professional boundary spraying services. We use industry-approved methods and chemicals to keep unwanted vegetation at bay, ensuring your property lines remain well-defined and clear.

Equipment Hire





Our Process


1. Consultation

We kick off every project with a thorough consultation. We discuss your specific needs and offer expert advice based on our extensive industry experience. This stage allows us to understand your unique requirements and tailor our services accordingly.

2. Quotation

Following the consultation, we provide you with a free transparent and competitive quotation. We’ll detail the scope of work, costs, and a clear timeframe. Our pricing is fair and reflective of the quality you can expect from Regional Mowing & Equipment Hire.

3. Delivery

When you’re ready to proceed, our experienced team swings into action. We bring our reliable equipment to your property and execute the plan we’ve discussed. Our no-nonsense approach ensures the job is completed efficiently and to your satisfaction. We’re here to make your outdoor maintenance hassle-free.

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